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Apple, Communication Safety for the protection of children arrives in six new countries

After Samsung with its very useful Message GuardAlso Apple is among the companies that have decided to implement a very useful feature for the protection of the very young: Communication Safety.

What is Apple’s Communication Safety

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The feature is very useful as it warns, within the app Messagesif you are receiving or sending a photo that contains nudity.

Starting in the next few weeks, Communication Safety will be distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, South Korea and Brazil. Currently this very useful function is the prerogative of only a few countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Its modus operandi is quite simple: when it is active, all photos containing nudity are blurred and younger users (especially children) are immediately warned.

The detection of a nudity inside a photo it is scanned directly from the device itself (Communication Safety is in fact usable on all Apple devices). Furthermore, those who receive these images can ask for help in various ways: by blocking the contact, by accessing online safety resources or by sending a message to a trusted person.

Otherwise, if the young user chooses to view and/or send a photo that contains nude images, via Communication Safety the Messages application will ask for confirmation on the will to proceed and will also suggest alternatives, reassuring him on two important points: he doesn’t have to e can ask for help at any time.

How to set it

Setting up Communication Safety is very simple on any Apple device: just go to Settingsclick on Usage time and choose the child to protect within the family group. Finally click on Communication Security and set “Check sensitive photos“.

Faced with the dangers of the internet, a smartphone can be easy access for the bad guys, but thanks to the methods devised by large companies such as Apple, even the smallest ones can finally be safe.

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