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Samsung will build chips for Ambarella, for autonomous driving

Samsung announced the production of 5-nanometer chips for AmbarellaUS-based semiconductor companies: the CV3-AD685 of Ambarella will bring AI to self-driving cars. The Korean company explains that these processors will drive innovation in the automotive sector.

Samsung will build chips for Ambarella, for autonomous driving

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Ambarella’s CV3-AD685, based on the CV3-AD family, wants to bring AI into cars. Several suppliers to major automotive companies have already requested the chip. Which is based on the engine CVflow AI next-generation Ambarella, which the company claims is 20 times faster than its predecessor (CV2) and features neural network processing.

This chip will allow to analyze 4D imaging radar signals, implement computer vision. And above all, merge the data collected by the sensors with the planning of the route in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). In this way, the artificial intelligence can guide you through traffic.

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The chip has cores CPU ARM Cortex A78AE e R52, a GPU for automotive-grade display, a hardware security module, an advanced ISP to process camera inputs, and an optical and stereo stream engine. This should be for level 2+ self-driving cars up to level 4.

Samsung Foundry’s 5nm process chips are optimized for automotive-grade semiconductors. IndeedSamsung explains that they increase reliability and traceability. Ambarella therefore chose Samsung above all for the experience of its chips in the automotive sector.

Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella, said, “Ambarella and Samsung Foundry have a rich history of collaboration and we are thrilled to bring their world-class 5nm technology into our new CV3-AD685 SoCs. Samsung’s proven automotive process technology enables us to bring new levels of AI acceleration, systems integration, and energy efficiency to ADAS and L2+ autonomous vehicles through L4.”

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