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Apple continues its battle against sideloading for iOS

Apple continues its battle against sideloading. The Cupertino company does not intend to give up on the impossibility for users to download and install apps from digital stores other than the AppStore. This is a battle that aims to ensure maximum security for users as well as, of course, the protection of revenues that the AppStore guarantees to Apple. A new law in the US, however, risks complicating things for the Cupertino company. Let’s see the details:

Could Apple be forced to enable sideloading on iOS?

L’Open Markets Act it is a new antitrust legislation that the American Congress has been carrying out for some time and which aims to support the free market, also involving digital marketplaces such as the AppStore. In view of the imminent approval of the law, Apple wrote to the senators asking them to reject the proposed lawAnd. The news was reported by Bloomberg. The letter is signed by Tim Powderly, manager at the head of the division of Apple that manages relations with governments in the American continent.

The location of the Cuperitno house is clear

According to Apple, Sideloading could jeopardize the security and privacy of users. This would lead to a proliferation of malware, scams and data theft for iOS users. Apple points out that with sideloading it would become easier for “big social networks” (like Facebook) to bypass the privacy protection systems of iOS.

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