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Apple could buy chips made in the US or Europe

Apple’s goal (and a large part of the western tech industry) is to reduce dependence on China and Taiwan regarding the production of chips. Regarding the matter, the Cupertino house would be ready to purchase chips also produced in the USA or Europe. Here are the details:

Apple is considering buying chips made in the US or Europe in the future

The news was reported by Bloomberg quoting a sentence from the CEO of Apple, Tim Cookduring an internal meeting. There is, at the moment, no confirmation from the company. Apple would be ready to consider purchasing chips made in the USA or Europe.

We remember that TSMC, one of Apple’s main suppliers, is working on a chip manufacturing plant in Arizona, a US state that could become the new nerve center of the American tech industry. Also Intel working on a similar project.

More news in this sense could already arrive in the next few years. China’s chip industry dominance may be nearing its end. In fact, companies like Apple are able to direct the development of an entire sector that could create a supply chain in the USA and, in the future, also in Europe.

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