Fortnite announces the final event of Chapter 3: the new map in December

Fortnite annuncia l’evento finale del Capitolo 3: a dicembre la nuova mappa thumbnail

Fortnite players who are currently playing the Fracture missions have already received the warning: Paradigm is back and the island may be destroyed soon. After all, for some weeks already, fractures had appeared in the sky that foreshadowed an imminent end. Today comes the official: with the December event Fortnite will end Chapter 3the shortest in its history.

The news was released in these hours directly by Epic Games, which also made it known that the end-of-season event will be called Fracture, and will be held on December 3 at 22:00 Italian.

Fortnite: What to Expect from Chapter 3 Final Event and Chapter 4

Occurred during the eSports event Fortnite Champions Series, the announcement left some fans dumbfounded. In fact, Chapter 3 lasted about a year, decidedly short compared to the previous ones which did not last less than two years. Despite an initial dismay, expectations about the final event and expectations are now growing Chapter 4.

Each new Chapter generally introduces at least one new game mechanic. Chapter 2, for example, introduced the ability to swim and move by boat, while Chapter 3 added sprinting, sliding and the much appreciated mode without buildings (Zero Build).

Speculations then chase each other. What is certain is that we will see a new map, as this will probably be destroyed during the final event on December 3rd. Some users on the net speculate that Chapter 4 could bring with it theUnreal Editorbut as far as we know this won’t be ready until January 2023. We would still be very happy if Fortnite decides to prove us wrong.