Apple could launch iPhone SE Plus with 5G in 2022

Apple potrebbe lanciare iPhone SE Plus con il 5G nel 2022 thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, Apple plans to launch a new version of iPhone SE In the 2022, which should have 5G connectivity. And a new brand: “iPhone SE Plus“. While it seems that in 2024 the model should arrive iPhone SE 3, with a larger display and a stronger design change.

Apple set to launch iPhone SE Plus with 5G in 2022

Analyst Ross Young offered some details on the new iPhone SE Plus, in addition to the novelty of the name. It seems that this third generation will have the same design as that reminiscent of iPhone 8, with a 4.7 inch LCD display. There should still be the button for Touch ID as well as a single camera on the back. But the change will be under the body, with the 5G connectivity and Apple’s latest A-series chip.

According to rumors reported by Nikkei Asia, the phone should have the new chip A15 Bionic accompanied by a modem Qualcomm X60, while retaining the design from the iPhone 8. But perhaps it seems that Apple is also working on the price: Ming-Chi Kuo said in June that it would be “the cheapest iPhone ever“.

There are still many doubts about the arrival date. But Apple should launch it in the next spring, thus having time to process all orders for the iPhone 13 before putting the A15 Bionic chips into the new SE Plus.

According to analysts, the addition of the suffix Plus serves to indicate the change of internal components despite the same body. But the iPhone SE 3 will arrive, with a new design, in 2024. In fact, it looks like it could have two screen sizes: 5.5 inches to 6.1 inches, always in LCD. In this case the design should be “full screen“, Removing the Touch ID and aiming at face recognition.

At the moment the details for the two SEs are still few. We will keep you updated when we have more news.