The Darkest Tales: the prologue is officially playable on Steam

The Darkest Tales: il prologo è giocabile ufficialmente su Steam thumbnail

The Trinity Team studio, the independent developers behind the success of Slaps and Beans, along with publisher 101XP, have announced that the prologue of The Darkest Tales, the new 2D action-adventure with platforming elements is available for download on Steam starting today. In The Darkest Tales – Into the Nightmare, players will follow the adventures of Teddy; an old teddy bear who wants to save his mistress at all costs, and Lighty, a chatty and magical fairy, as they embark on a dangerous adventure in the world of fairy tales, where they will find little to welcome, and so much bad.

The Darkest Tales: Prologue is playable on Steam

The game in development at the Trinity Team studios aims to propose a fairy tale imagery, with a unique twist in the middle. For example, what would Little Red Riding Hood do to the bad wolf if she had two daggers and was thirsty for revenge? Or, would Jack be able to climb to the top of the beanstalk if it were full of carnivorous plants and if there was a storm?

Here are the main features of production:

  • Take it in hand enchanted weapons, jump, move fast and tear apart enemies, so that no one can get in the way between you and your goal.
  • Develop yours skill tree to learn a lot of new tricks, survive this hostile environment, heal your wounds faster and faster and do more and more damage.
  • In The Darkest Tales you will fight against a lot of ex-friends from fairy tales turned into fearsome bosses, the first will be Little Red Riding Hood, and he can’t wait to tear you apart.
  • All characters will have a voice acting, the storyline of the game will be full of lore and truly wonderful settings, albeit full of terror.

“When we started working on The Darkest Tales, we wanted to create a fairy but dark world, for those who love to explore, face real challenges and get lost in a completely different world than usual,” he explained. Marco Agricola, co-founder of Trinity Team – We are very proud to launch the final version of our two-tier prologue on Steam today, and we officially invite you to step into the nightmare and come out victorious! “

“The Darkest Tales is an immersive experience, one that will remind you of childhood and where everything will feel familiar, but the characters within them will all be friendly, and the boss fights are intense and full of fun,” he said. Aleksandra Volskaya, Head of Brand Management – We can’t wait to hear what players think of our prologue, and we are really happy to reveal what will come soon after, as the title is preparing for release ”.