Apple: Could reverse wireless charging become a reality?

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Despite the delays due to technical reasons, Apple is continuing to advance the development of reverse wireless charging for iPhone. The company hoped to debut it with the iPhone 14 Pro, but failed to meet the necessary deadlines with the release of the new device.

Apple, developments continue for reverse wireless charging for iPhone

Apple is doing everything to accelerate the developments of creating reverse wireless charging for iPhone. The object in question is also called bilateral wireless charging, and it is a technology that it would allow not only charging the phone with a wireless charger, but also charging an accessory, such as AirPods.

Il MagSafe Battery Pack, which debuted the iPhone 12, has revealed some of Apple’s work on reverse wireless charging. What does it mean then? that you can connect a Lightning cable to your iPhone, which will receive energy for the MagSafe battery pack. Despite this, Apple has explicitly stated that this is not what it meant by reverse wireless charging.

Furthermore, it should be added that Apple hoped to include this new type of charging already with the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max. But the feature was not finalized in time.

Collaboration with the Wireless Power Consortium

Last month, in January, it was announced that Apple had worked together with the Wireless Power Consortium on a next-generation Qi wireless charging standard based on the MagSafe battery.

This partnership could help the Silicon Valley firm improve its MagSafe and Qi implementations, helping boost reverse wireless charging technology.

The work on reverse wireless charging

The company is working hard on developing a unique firmware called “wireless power out” as a basis for the charging function. The work on this firmware is an important aspect of the success of the device. Management plays an important role charging speed between the iPhone and the other device, the heat dispersion and charging efficiency.

We’re also working on a special user interface for reverse wireless charging, similar to the one already used for MagSafe’s charger and accessories. We are talking about animations personalized on the screen and a particular sound effect to indicate the start of charging. All to make the experience more pleasant for the user.

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