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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Cruciatus Curse

For the DIY Ludovico Therapy, the Cruciatus curse is for three: here’s how to unlock one of the stinking spells of Hogwarts Legacy

And so you want to know how to unlockof all the spells available in Hogwarts Legacyjust the curse Crusades, huh? Good, good. We don’t judge you, don’t worry. After all, the pen from which the novels were born already has his ideas on how to exploit this terrible curse, but if you want to improvise yourself as a new Voldemort, you have our approval. Or rather, at best you have our silence. Of course, the incipit might sound a bit passive-aggressive to you… but, at this point, maybe a little reminder is needed on what this magic does in books and films, what do you say?

In the saga – How to unlock the Cruciatus in Hogwarts Legacy

The Cruciatus, known in English with the word necessary to use it (“Crucio”, or “crucify”, “torture” or “torment” in the first person singular), is one of the Unforgivable Curses, and in Hogwarts Legacy it works exactly as seen in the source material, if you want to unlock it. This is a spell that causes immense physical pain in the victim, specifically the tangible sensation of a burn. In the saga, the long-term effects of torture (because that’s what the spell is for) they met on Neville Longbottom’s biological parents, who freaked out before the events of Philosopher’s Stone.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Cruciatus Curse

Expecto di apprenterla – Come unlock the Crusades in Hogwarts Legacy

You can give yourself to the violent crossword puzzle once you have passed the eight or ten hours of play. To obtain the magic in question, you must eavesdrop on a conversation between Sebastian (below) and his friend in the Great Hall. After listening to what the two had to say to each other, talk to Sebastian himself. He will tell you that he and his friend disagree over their use of the dark arts. He believes that it can be put to good use, for a benevolent purpose. You can decide at this point to still military among the forces of good, but… spoiler, it is a spell that requires you to focus on harming others. Do you really believe that your in-game karma stays pure?

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Cruciatus Curse

F-accio del male – Come unlock the Crusades in Hogwarts Legacy

The quest you’re going to unlock with this conversation is called In the Shadow of the Study*. You’ll have to wait a while for Sebastian to come back to you with his owl, so take the time to do more in the meantime. Exploring the surroundings will help you get other cosmetic items, such as clothes and whatnot. At some point, however, the side quest will finally unlock. Since this is a forbidden spell, to learn it you will have to go to a secluded place. The question is, where will the hangout of scoundrels be? Surely the development team wanted to distance themselves from the clichés about the saga, right?

[* La guida è soggetta a futuri aggiornamenti con i termini ufficiali della localizzazione italiana.]

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Cruciatus Curse

Strip the service

Since the (sin) apple never falls far from the (rotten) tree, you will have to meet Sebastian in front of –what else?– Slytherin dormitory. Follow his directions, and you can go back knowing how to throw the Cruciatus. Hopefully you put them to good use, although any use of the dark arts in the Wizarding World is dodgy by default. Take it out on someone else, such as poachers, gangsters or TERFs. We will look the other way, no vidi, no sacciu. The game is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th and on Nintendo Switch the July 25th.

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