Apple crea il “Vision Products Group”, focus su AR e VR

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Apple is experiencing a significant shift in its product development strategy. The new Vision Products Group (VPG) di Apple it represents a new approach to organization, compared to the “functional” approach to management.

Apple Vision Products Group, a new approach to management

As Mark Gurman explains on Bloomberg, the birth of VPG changes Apple’s now historic approach. In fact, for years the company has eliminated traditional product divisions, such as iPhone, iPad e Mac. Instead, the company organizes itself according to departments such as software engineering, hardware development, machine learning, design and services. These groups work together to create new features and products. However, the recent launch of the Vision Pro would highlight a change in Apple’s strategy.

The Vision Products Group (VPG) wants to focus on the vision-related product category, including the Vision Pro headset. Managed by Mike Rockwell, this group has its own divisions dealing with strategy, computer vision, content, app development and project managementthe. A “more classic” and less horizontal management.

As Gurman explains, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the late 1990sdecided to abandon the company’s old product development manual and adopt a new management structure based on functionality.

This is why they don’t exist specific divisions for iPhone or iPadnor AirPods-focused groups or Mac-specific organizations. However, Apple’s latest product categories, including the Vision Pro headset, show that its strategy is changing.

So, as the company prepares for the launch of its fall devices, the VPG focuses on new product categories, such as the Vision Pro headset. A division almost “detached” from the rest of the company, which can concentrate on recovering ground in view of the launch of products in this new market.

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