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Apple cuts costs to avoid layoffs

Apple is trying to avoid employee layoffs, despite the unstable economy – and it does so by cutting costs, so you don’t have to give up on hired staff. An opposite move to many other Silicon Valley competitors.

Apple avoids layoffs by cutting costs

The success of the company contributes to the possibility of not having to let go of its employees. But perhaps the opposite is also true: it’s the job security of Cupertino’s people that makes Apple still far more profitable than any other tech company. With $30 billion in receipts in the most recent quarter alone and shares up about 20% so far this year.

Plus, with a new headset and mixed reality operating system to mark the possibility of the post-iPhone era, the talent in the company is undoubtedly needed. And compared to Meta Platforms,, Microsoft Corp. e Google di Alphabet, Apple is facing the possible economic crisis with confidence.

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As Mark Gurman explains on Bloomberg, one of the first decisions Apple made was to defer bonuses for some corporate teams who used to receive them twice a year: they will have to wait for October.

Another move Apple made was to postpone some nonessential projects, such as new smart home devices, including a HomePod with a screen.

Apple has also cut budgets for some teams and made it more difficult to purchase materials or services. Now, many items require approval from the team’s senior vice president. And it also has slowed hiring in some areas and stopped them completely in others. Additionally, Apple has limited opportunities for employees to switch departments or stores, reducing training costs.

In the end, Apple has drastically reduced travel budgets and now requires permission from senior executives for any business travel. And managers have also imposed stricter rules on office attendance.

All operations that signal a moment of economic crisis. But that doesn’t become mass layoffs, which almost every other tech giant has already done.

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