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Vactidy Nimble T6 review: a valid ally for daily cleaning

In this review we will get to know the new Vactidy Nimble T6 robot vacuum cleaner, inspecting every fundamental aspect

Keeping a house clean nowadays can be easy and difficult at the same time. With the evolution from the technology we can enjoy immense help, but the hectic pace of life tends to put us down sticks between the wheels. Vacuuming, especially on workdays, can be a real problem.

Fortunately i robot vacuum cleaner they have been designed precisely to overcome these drawbacks. These technological concentrates they are nothing but excellent helpers for cleaning the floor, and in some cases even washing it, while we are concentrated on doing something else. In this review today we will tell you in detail about the brand new Vactidy Nimble T6finding out how he behaved during our period Of trial.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 306 x 306 x 73,5 mm
  • Weight: 2,44 kg
  • Maximum suction power: 2.000 Pa
  • Suction mode:
    • Silent mode: 1,000Pa
    • Standard mode: 1,500Pa
    • High suction mode: 2,000 Pa
  • Maximum climbing slope: ≤ 15°
  • Noisiness:
    • High Suction Mode: ≤68dB
    • Standard Mode: ≤63dB
    • Silent Mode: ≤60dB
  • Navigation: bounce + 3 floor sensors
  • Control method: remote control, apps and voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home)
  • Surfaces: hard floors and carpets
  • Drums: 2.500 mAh
  • Duration:
    • Silent mode: 100 minutes
    • Standard mode: 80 minutes
    • High suction mode: 60 minutes
  • Charging time: ≤ 6 ore

Packaging and Design | Vactidy Nimble T6 review

This robot vacuum cleaner will come in one packaging no facilitates il transport thanks to the special handle. The latter will be characterized by depiction of the product in the front and some strengths that characterize the Nimble T6. Once the package has been opened, we will have to extract the cardboard compartment which will contain the our robot. Extracting it, we will immediately notice a cardboard on which useful information will be reported, including the QR code relative all’app to use this product.

The robot and all the other accessories are placed in their housings designed to avoid accidental impacts during transport. The main body of the vacuum cleaner will then also have other protections, very useful for preserving integrity of the parties mobile. In the upper part, in addition to the company logo, we find a button for switching on and off, in addition to the LED no indica il functioning.

The underlying part is characterized by the presence of three wheels, two driving and one steering. The charging points will be located near the latter and the two side brushes to collect dirt further to the sides. At the center instead there will be the other rotating brush to move all the dirt inside the special box, located on the back side. Emptying the latter will be a real breeze, thanks to the easy extraction.

Vactidy Nimble T6 review: a valid ally for daily cleaning

The general design turns out to be very elegant, mainly due to the choice of the black color. This choice makes this robot vacuum cleaner excellent for any type of furniture, especially the more modern ones. THE materials of construction they seem excellent al touch and give the impression that they can also resist some accidental impact.

To complete the packaging we find the base Of recharge con the appropriate power supply, a set of spare side brushes, a HEPA filter spare parts for the dust box, a tool for the cleaning of brushes and the very useful remote control (with batteries included) to make it work without the app.

User Experience | Vactidy Nimble T6 review

We arrive at the user experience paragraph, the main one to actually understand how it behaves in the field. Were made diverse prove, all in a fairly small and controlled environment. The robot’s suction is quite good, it can lift enough loose material specifically for the test while still letting something escape. Some problems have been encountered especially with sugar and flour. The pairing with the application it is enough intuitive and, from the latter, it is possible just set the time Of operation to get it into action when we’re not at home. This feature is certainly very useful.

The robot is easily controlled with Alexa, using the mobile application or the supplied remote control. The methods of use, in addition to the manual one, are those of spot and edge. The function spot clean it is for example very useful in different occasions. If, for example, crumbs are spilled in the kitchen, that will be enough bring the vacuum cleaner on the place and press the key for one quick cleaning and enough effective. Spot clean is perhaps a little more reliable if you don’t want the robot to wander around the room. Basically with this mode the robot will operate in the immediate neighborhood where it is positioned.

Another good point in favor is definitely the recognition of the edges. In fact, if positioned in areas delimited for example by lawn, it manages to orient itself well by not falling and moving on the edge with confidence.

Vactidy Nimble T6 review: a valid ally for daily cleaning

The critical issues encountered

Now let’s talk about the critical issues that we have been able to ascertain. Let’s start by saying that it is easy for the robot gets stuck between wires, or under sofas. It would be the case, before putting it into operation, to order the room word by word, so as not to find any unpleasant surprises. Surely it’s not a robot that you can let go every day without thinking twice, just because it’s not quite autonomous without anyone’s supervision.

Il movement of the robot is also enough unusual. Sometimes the lack of vision and proper positioning causes strange movements to occur. This often also affects the next critical issue that we are going to analyze, namely that of the lack of “kindness” towards home furnishings. The robot not having its own sight, operates through touch, and therefore the impact con i mobile. This often causes even quite substantial impacts against the furniture. Nothing particularly sensational, but it is right to take this into account too.

Conclusions | Vactidy Nimble T6 review

The price at which it is sold is certainly a point Of forza that well frame il product. Definitely not for big homes, it’s a robot vacuum cleaner that can’t be fired up and forgotten. We considered it a good cleaning tool secondary, which can be seen as a hand vacuum cleaner.

The performance they are anyway in line with the price which costs and in the right environment can certainly take the headaches out of the owners. What do you think about this Vactidy Nimble T6? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Plus points

  • Materials and design
  • Edge recognition
  • Good suction capacity
  • Remote control supplied

Points against

  • Recurring bumps with furniture
  • Need for an extremely tidy environment
  • Application with very few functions
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