Apple: Daily tampons for unvaccinated employees

Apple: tamponi giornalieri per i dipendenti non vaccinati thumbnail

Apple will adopt very strict guidelines for unvaccinated employees. The Cupertino company, in fact, has decided to intensify checks on employees who have not undergone the vaccine but who continue to work in the office. For its employees not vaccinated, in fact, Apple will carry out daily tampons. This provision will also apply to workers who, for privacy reasons, have chosen not to confirm their COVID vaccination status.

Apple prepares new internal policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees

As for the vaccinated employeesinstead, the guidelines will be different. In this case, in fact, a weekly quick test. Apple reportedly made available to its employees a form to fill out by October 24 to provide data relating to their vaccination status. Those who do not enter such data will be considered as not vaccinated for the purposes of the policies to be followed for periodic tests.

It starts in November

Apple’s new rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers will go into effect November 1 and will cover, at least for the time being, only the United States. Note that for Apple Store employees different guidelines will be followed. In this case, a swab will be required twice a week even if not vaccinated. Vaccinated employees will perform a weekly quick test, to be collected for free, and will use a special app to communicate the result.