Apple doesn’t want ChatGPT in AppStore apps

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ChatGPT is one of the hot topics in the tech world and it was only a matter of time before generative AI went to “collide” with Apple. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company blocked an update of an iOS app due to the developer’s attempt to integrate the latest version of ChatGPT. Here are all the details on the matter:

Apple and ChatGPT: a conflicting relationship?

Flashdeveloper of BlueMailhe attempted to update its app (an email client) going to integrate the latest version of ChatGPT. The update developed by the company, however, it was blocked by Apple.

According to the Cupertino house, in fact, ChatGPT integration may cause access to inappropriate content. As a result, the app would be R-rated if the update were released. In fact, generative AI could formulate answers that are not in line with Apple’s policies.

At the moment, it is not clear what Apple’s future choices will be regarding similar new requests from developers. Certainly, even the Cupertino house will soon find itself having to make important decisions regarding artificial intelligence.

The possible integration of AI into apps could, in fact, push many developers to follow Blix’s example. We’ll see what Apple’s response will be regarding any new incoming requests.

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