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Digital license and driving for 17 years: the news from the EU

In these weeks, theThe EU isn’t just focusing on stopping the sale of petrol and dieselcurrently scheduled for 2035, but is also evaluating the future of the driving licencewith the arrival of a digital documentand a modification to theage for obtaining the driving license. Here’s what the future of the car could be in the EU:

The proposals of the EU Commission: digital driving license and driving for 17 years

The EU seems to have clear ideas for the future of the driving licence. Over the next few years, in fact, the digital license which will retire the “physical” document. The new document will always be available on your smartphone. Furthermore, the digital driving license will be valid throughout the EU, making it as easy as possible to drive outside national borders.

It should also be noted that the EU intends making driving practice possible for 17 years (but accompanied by a driver authorized to drive). Passed the exam, however, i children will be able to drive as early as 18 years old. The exams and training necessary to obtain the license will also change. There will be a focus on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters and bicycles.

News should also arrive for the suspension of the patentAnd. Thanks to a shared database, in fact, a suspended license will be invalid throughout the EU. In this way, the sanctions will become more effective.

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