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Apple: Emergency SOS in Italy and other countries by the end of March

By the end of this month, Apple will launch the function Emergency SOS in six other countries, including Italybut only for owners of iPhone 14.

Apple’s Emergency SOS arrives in Italy

In addition to Italy, five other countries will benefit from Emergency SOS by the end of March 2023, namely: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal.

This particular feature allows iPhone 14 owners to be able to request quickly help in case of danger when you are in one area without Wi-Fi or stable network. The service is free for two years, but proves to be very useful especially for those who usually travel to uncontaminated places and often out of reception range.

Emergency SOS arrived for the first time in November 2022, initially usable only for United States e Canada and exclusively for customers owning an iPhone of the 14 series: base line, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Subsequently, in December 2022, the service saw an extension to some European countries such as France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Because it is important

In a few months back in time, let’s briefly summarize why Emergency SOS is as important as personal protection tool.

As mentioned, the service is free for two years as long as the iPhone is updated to at least iOS 16.2. Its functionality is quite simple: users in the countries where it is available will only have to type the emergency number of your country to be immediately put in contact with the emergency services, especially in areas where there is poor reception.

To underline the fundamental importance of Emergency SOS we recall the words of John Anthony, president from the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials:

“Being able to use a satellite connection to dial 999 or 112 if there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage is a breakthrough that Apple has brought to the general public with iPhone 14. Emergency services can be alerted when before was not possible and are therefore able to do their jobs better, in part thanks to the initial information shared with the dispatchers, such as location and essential emergency details. Ultimately, this will help save lives.”

The extension of Emergency SOS to Italy and other countries confirms the Apple’s will to make the service usable in Europe and the rest of the world during 2023.

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