Apple explains the notch on the MacBook Pros

Apple spiega il notch sui MacBook Pro thumbnail

The Apple executive Shruti Haldea explained why the company thinks the notch is the winning choice for i MacBook Pro submitted last week. According to the executive it is a “smart way” to manage the screen, optimizing the space occupied by macOS menu bar.

The notch on the “MacBook Pro” optimizes screen space

Last week, Shruti Haldea presented Apple’s new line of laptops along with his peers at the Unleashed event. Many practical innovations: the new ones chip M1 Pro e Max, the return of the doors HDMI and of the bed of SD, the disappearance of the Touch Bar. But on an aesthetic level, the biggest novelty brought it notch where is the webcam. A design note stolen from iPhones to reduce the bezels of the laptop as much as possible.

A choice that many on social media have criticized, although it still takes time to prove its actual usefulness or not in everyday use. In his interview on the Same Brain podcast, Shruti Haldea defended the choice, explaining its practical advantages.

“What we have done is make the display taller. As in the 16-inch notebook, you still have a 16.0 diagonal active area in that 16:10 window. And we just made the display bigger and put the menu bar up. We moved it up and away from the work area. So it’s a really smart way to give more space to the contentsthe. And when you’re in full-screen mode, you have a 16:10 window and it’s big. It is not noticeable “.

Apple at the presentation explained that the bezels of the new laptops are 24% smaller on the sides and 60% on the top, measuring only 3.5mm. The notch seems less evident on the large latptop screen than on smartphones. But Apple is betting that features like the dark mode and full-screen animations make the top bar that houses the webcam less visible.

What do you think about it? Have the new MacBook Pros convinced you?