Xbox: Over 100 titles playable anywhere with touch-screen controls

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate expands the library of games that support touch controls, making them playable on mobile as well

Microsoft is trying to build an ecosystem as expanded as possible among the various existing devices, extending from consoles to PCs, up to tablets and smartphones. The goals that the company has set itself are quite explicit: they want to make it possible to play anywhere, with any system. An idea that Nvidia has also joined with GeForce NOW and Steam, the latter announcing the Steamdeck, first “console” real of the well-known Valve store. Going back to the Xbox, this month got a system update on all platforms, finally implementing, among other things, night mode and 4K on the Xbox Series X, and has further expanded the number of games that support touch controls.

Over 100 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles support touch controls

The news regarding the touch controls has been sent by email to the players, showing in detail the titles available for this function in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library. In it, among the games now present are also added Hades, Psychonauts, Scarlet Nexus, Yakuza, Sea of ​​Thieves, Halo and many others, reaching the figure of over 100 video games. In the email, Microsoft states how the titles usable with touch screen controls playable on phones, tablets and Windows PCs are increasing more and more with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and that it wanted to bring this feature in the titles most loved by fans, removing the mandatory need of a controller to use it.

Xbox: Over 100 titles playable anywhere with touch-screen controls

In this way, you will be able to play quality titles through the Xbox touch controls even on Apple phones and any other smartphone or tablet. On screen you can edit command setting, perfecting them according to your needs and style of play, living an experience different from having to use an external controller. This new feature is also part of the Xbox beta Cloud Gaming, technology that aims to play on your devices through the Game Pass Ultimate and a compatible controller through it wifi o la telephone reception. The titles available for now are limited depending on the region you are in, but may also be expanded further in the future.

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