Apple extends the support period for AirPods Pro

Apple estende il periodo di assistenza per gli AirPods Pro thumbnail

Apple’s AirPods Pro can have some small but obvious malfunctions. In particular, earphones can be prone to crackling or disturbed sound, particularly in noisy environments. Apple is aware of the problem that concerns, in particular, units manufactured before October 2020. For this reason, without particular announcements, the company has chosen to extend the free support period for these AirPods Pro.

Free three-year support for AirPods Pro

The problems affecting AirPods Pro can be of various kinds. Noisy sounds and an active noise cancellation system that does not work as it should are some of the defects found by Apple for models produced before October 2020. Apple has, therefore, chosen to extend the free service program for these headsets.

Free replacement in case of malfunctions

The AirPods Pro that will show malfunctions related to problems detected by Apple will be replaced free of charge. The period of assistance has, in fact, been extended to 3 years from the time of sale. Note that the replacement will only concern the earphones and not their charging case.

To obtain assistance and request replacement, in case of malfunctions, you can contact an Apple Authorized Service Center, the Cupertino company support or go to an Apple Store.