realme 8i: the new smartphone available

Today we will talk about the new realme 8i, the latest smartphone from realme with an ultra-fluid user experience. Let’s find out together

Continuing his effort in the to define e to maintain the success of series 8, today realme launched another candidate to become one smartphone best-seller: really 8i. Since its debut, realme led come on your own mission from democratize technology for all, by providing cutting-edge technology to a affordable price.

This time around, realme 8i also delivers an ultra-smooth user experience with a screen a 120Hz at a price never seen before. Also equipped with a powerful G96 processor and one RAM dynamic up to 7GB, this device is characterized by a massive battery 5000mAh with fast charge at 18W. realme 8i is ready to become the smartphone “Ultra fluid” for excellence.

realme 8i: the new smartphone available

realme 8i: the features

realme 8i arrives with the debut of Helio G96 in Europa. The Helio G96 owns due large nuclei A75 e 6 little ones nuclei A55, and his main frequency reaches up to 2,05GHz. In addition, the Helio G96 processor was supervised e product jointly by really e Mediatek, which proves the brand determination in quality control and in product development. The trial was following e coordinated gives seven experienced engineers than in just 106 days, they have optimized technically the 3 main performance characteristics, making the realme G96 the only chip of the G9 series able to feeding the display a 120Hz per performance always fluid especially during gaming sessions. This is also the primo display of realme whose brightness can getting down until you reach 1 night.

In combination with high quality performance, realme 8i also offers a immersive vision with its 120Hz refresh rate and one 6.6-inch full screen, with a relationship screen-body of the 90,8%, which allows multiple people to enjoy at the same time Ultra Smooth Experience.

realme 8i: the new smartphone available

In addition to the processor and display, really he has updated also the smooth experience with technology DRE, Dynamic RAM Expansion, in which 4GB from RAM it could be updated in 7GB in RAM (only in the 4GB+128GB). The DRE technology, originally derived from computers, comes now applied to smartphones by a improvement from the performance overall and one greater smoothness. Not only do apps open faster, but also all background processes and they move faster.

realme 8i not only offers a smooth experience, but the 5000mAh battery it was optimized also for get from the long lasting performance that do not, however, affect the daily experience. With a single charge, this device allows you to speak with your friends for 40 hours straight, listen to 1,200 songs O watch 18 movies.

Together with realme 8i, the fastest growing smartphone brand, will launch also an entry level octa-core, realm C11 2021, which features a battery from 5000mAh with Ultra saving mode, a great one 6.5-inch display and a processor Powerful octa-core, which make the model C11 2021 a new handyman among entry-level for younger customers.

Prices and availability

really 8i will have an outstanding introductory price of 199 €, and then return to original price from 219€; the price for realm C11 2021 and of 109€. Both models will be available in all distribution channels.

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