Apple: Facebook is no longer a must have app

Apple: Facebook non è una app must have, ecco perché thumbnail

Apple has a list of app “must have” in the App Store. If you’re just starting out or are looking for apps that Apple says will add value to your experience on a iPhone, there is a list that can help you populate your device. Interestingly, three apps are missing from Apple’s list: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is a pretty big omission considering that each of these apps has more than a billion users and is arguably the most popular in their respective categories.

Apple: Facebook is not a must have app

Of course, all three apps are also owned by Metawhich was once called Facebook before the company thought that the simple practice of changing its name would serve to divert attention from all the legal wrangling it finds itself in.

These diatribes have emerged because of his practices that are not exactly transparent, like how it tracks pretty much everything users do online and then uses that information to show advertisements, just to give you an example. Appleon the other hand, highlights the fact that it does not collect and share user data with third parties and often talks about how it views privacy as a fundamental human right.

Last year, Apple implemented the changes to iOS, which forces developers to request permission before they can track users. This obviously damaged Facebook’s business, which is why it is probably no longer on the list of apple recommended applications and it seems that this situation is destined to remain so for quite some time.