Return to Monkey Island is official: trailer available

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Return to Monkey Island is official, the sequel to the beloved point and click video game has been confirmed by Devolver Digital over the past few hours and will be a direct sequel to the other two chapters of the franchise. The game will also see the return of the original co-writer Dave Grossman and the composers of LucasArts Michael Land, Michael McConnell and Clint Bajakian. But Tim Schafer is missing.

Return to Monkey Island is official

We don’t have much information on the game at the moment, other than that included in the short teaser trailer released by the publisher. According to what was published by the official Monkey Island Facebook account, however, some news are coming in the near future, even if it is not yet known exactly what nature. Most likely we will talk about game mechanics.

According to what has emerged so far, the game should have a more playful structure than in the past, with a more defined inventory. According to a post dating back to 2013, the game could also have a physical publication, although there is still no official information about it.

Return to Monkey Island follows a series of projects that appear to return to classic Disney franchises Lucasfilm Games, including Indiana Jones, several new Star Wars projects, and more. This isn’t the first time that Monkey Island has made headlines anyway, given the themed easter egg in the Pirates of the Caribbean update of Sea of ​​Thieves.