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Apple focuses on chips Made in the USA, in TSMC’s Arizona plant

In futuro i iPhone and Mac chips they will be made in USA: Apple in fact, he will rely on the products of the new one TSMC’s Arizona factory. The Taiwanese manufacturer will start building another plant next year, and will build chips for it as well AMD e Nvidia.

Apple: chips Made in USA thanks to the plant of TSMC in Arizona

Attending the plant’s inaugural event in Phoenix were both Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, that US President Joe Biden. He explained: “These chips will power iPhones and MacBooks, as Tim Cook can confirm. Apple had to buy all its advanced chips overseas. Now we will bring part of its supply chain here at home”.

The desert facility, which is approached by freshly paved roads, will also supply ad chips AMD e Nvidiaand also Intel exploit TSMC for some of its more advanced chips. Production will start in 2024 with processors from 4 nanometersi, while in 2026 the second plant will be activated which will produce 3 nanometer chips, the most advanced currently in production.

In total, TSMC will invest a whopping $40 billion in the Arizona factory, one of the largest foreign investments in US history. And it will produce approx 600,000 chips a yearsufficient to meet domestic needs.

However, it should be emphasized that the production of more advanced chips will remain outside the USA: according to the latest rumors, TSMC will start producing chips at Taiwan with 2-nanometer process by 2025. But they will be enough to make a generation leap for iPhones and Macs, which currently use 5-nanometer processes.

This investment also allows Apple to reduce its dependence on the supply chain in China, which after the interruptions due to the lockdowns of the last two years are cost Apple up to $6 billion in lost sales. Currently, Apple has moved part of the production to India, and will soon also arrive in Vietnam. iPhones will then be however assembled abroad: but the chips should all come from Arizona.

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