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The Game Awards 2022: the duration of the event has been revealed

Geoff Keighley confirms that this year’s The Game Awards 2022 event will have a significantly shorter duration than last year

The same producer and presenter of the The Game Awards 2022 confirmed the duration of the event, which it will be possible to attend on the night between on 8 and 9 December, having anticipated that it would be significantly shorter than that seen in years past. He therefore did not fail to add further details to his statement, which we can read below.

The Game Awards 2022, the duration of the event revealed

In a recent Twitch live stream the same Keighley has found that although everything is still to be defined, the event of The Game Awards 2022 could have a duration of approximately two and a half hours, so almost an hour less than the show we watched last year. “Yes, this year the show will be much shorter,” the showman pointed out. “Actually, we won’t know exactly how long it will last until rehearsals are over, however I think it will last about two and a half hours. If I remember correctly last year the duration was about three hours and fifteen minutes. The duration of this year may be a bit longer than I have indicated due to long talks and such, however we are trying to squeeze the time a little bit,” added Geoff Keighley.

The Game Awards 2022: the duration of the event has been revealed

But it’s not over Keighley has in fact anticipated that the show will feature around 30-40 new reveals, of which many have already been confirmed as part of the lineup, including Tekken 8, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Baldur’s Gate 3, Among Us, Final Fantasy 16 and a new title of 505 Games. There are also rumors that talk about announcements about the new game Kojima Productionsfrom Diablo 4of a new title of Crash Bandicoota Horizon Forbidden West expansion, and more.

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