Apple gives in to the price increase of TSMC chips

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Just last week we wrote about Apple’s decision to reject theprice increase of TSMC chips. Now, however, the situation seems to have changed. As reported by the Economic Daily News, in fact, the Cupertino company has decided to accept the increased cost imposed by its supplier.

TSMC chip: Apple accepts the price increase

From1 January 2023 TSMC plans to increase by 6% the price of with chips from 8 pollici, while those from 12 inches will increase dal 3 al 5%. A raise that, according to the Economic Daily News, Apple first refused and then accepted, in order to secure its supply of TSMC chips. On the other hand, chip suppliers find themselves forced to raise prices due to the global shortage of semiconductors. In fact, as early as May, Bloomberg reported that TSMC was warning its customers of a significant price increase. An announcement came after the20% price increase in 2021which is said to have been the most substantial increase in the industry in a decade.

Given the situation, last year it was even speculated that Apple might decide to raise the prices of its products to be able to “tolerate” the increased cost of the chips. Basically, TSMC makes A-series chips for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Apple silicon chips for the Mac. chip a 3 nm by the end of 2022. This will lead to further improvements in performance and energy efficiency in the upcoming Macs and iPhones as Apple seeks to preserve its performance-per-watt advantage over competitors like Intel, even if it means pay higher prices and potentially pass the costs on to consumers.