Netatmo launches the Pro version of the Intelligent Air Quality Meter

Netatmo lancia la versione Pro del Misuratore Intelligente della Qualità dell’Aria thumbnail

Al Light&Building di Francoforte Netatmo announces the version Pro of his Intelligent Air Quality Meter. A more powerful variant with more functions for public places and offices.

Netatmo, the Intelligent Air Quality Meter becomes Pro

Air quality is fundamental, everyone is now aware of it. And we want the air we breathe to be free of pollutants and bacteria, especially when we are in public places. For this reason Netatmo launched the Pro version of his Intelligent Air Quality Meterdesigned for schools, offices, medical institutions.

The professional-grade device analyzes data such as temperature, air quality, humidity and even the sound level of the room in real time. And especially reports CO2 levelssignaling with an indicator light when they exceed 1200ppm.

Netatmo’s solution allows everyone to monitor the situation: you can place a QR code at the entrance so that everyone can read this data.

The dashboard online it allows you to monitor the situation and also to create weekly or monthly reports. And you can get alerts in case some values ​​are over the maximum.

According to Netatmo’s calculations, you can save up to 10% of energy costs, only by monitoring the temperature and air quality in the offices.

The meters, also installable on the wall, are already present in schools in France, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. You can find more information on the official website.