Apple has a workaround for the MacBook Pro notch

Apple spiega il notch sui MacBook Pro thumbnail

Apple recently revealed his own to users alternative solution for the notch of the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches. The Cupertino company had already thought about this solution, long before users complained about the notch. Here are all the details.

Apple’s solution for the MacBook Pro notch

It was a matter of time before users started finding gods flaws in the new MacBook Pros revisited. Among them, one of the least appreciated elements is precisely the notch or notch, not appreciated by the public since it causes problems with the menu bar items that they are obscured by it.

Apple, however, is smart and has well thought of inserting a setting capable of hide the notch. The option is called “Scale to fit under the built-in camera”. If users select this option, macOS shrinks the app so that the menu bar is under the notch.

This new workaround, specifically called Scale to Fit, was first revealed in a new Apple support document. Below we report the comment official of the Cupertino company.

“If you enable ‘Scale to fit under built-in camera’ for an app and the app has menu bar items or windows that, in theory, should appear behind the camera housing, all open apps or apps that share the same space appear under the camera until you exit the app using the setting. “

However, Apple also reveals this option it is not available to everyone applications. “If a developer updates their app for Mac compatibility, the ‘Scale to fit under the built-in camera’ setting no longer appears,” the company concludes. For more information, you can consult the official Apple website.