Apple has released macOS Ventura 13.1

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Apple released the new version of on December 13th macOS is comingthe 13.1thus publishing the first update of macOS Ventura 13 launched just a month and a half ago.

What’s new in macOS Ventura 13.1 on Apple computers

The update is available for free download on Macs that are eligible to receive it. Just follow the path below: system settingsgenerals software update.

Among the novelties that macOS Ventura 13.1 brings with it we find the introduction of the app Freefromdesigned in a whiteboard style to allow users to draw, write or do both.

Very useful therefore for creatives and at work, for brainstorming and planning activities. Also it is possible share files, papers, link e multimedia content.

Thanks to iCloud you can access your own Freeform whiteboard(s) on each device Applefrom Macs to iPads and even iPhones, as long as the devices are properly updated to the latest software versions.

Besides Freefrom we also find Advance Data Protection for iCloud, which expands end-to-end encryption to many other applications (from 14 to 23 apps) in addition to the already protected canonicals.

In addition macOS Ventura 13 has made major improvements to search for messages in Messagesintroduced the playing a sound in the app Where and correcting some annoying bugs.

Let’s look at these last details in order.

As for the Messages app, with macOS Ventura 13.1 it will be easier find photographs based on their contentwhether they are people, objects or animals.

For the Dove’è app, from today it will be possible to find the accessories compatible with the Dove’è network, the AirTags and the AirPods Pro case by playing a sound in real time, to immediately identify what we have lost.

Finally, for bugs, macOS Ventura 13.1 fixed annoying issues like the failed to sync on iCloud of some notes once updated and the loss of mouse and keyboard input during game sessions.

Not just updates for the latest Macs

Good news for those who don’t have the latest Mac models, too. Apple has decided to release macOS Big Sur 11.72 e macOS Monterey 12.6.2 for anyone unable to update their software in Ventura.

To learn more about the security content of macOS Ventura 13.1 you can click on the following link.

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