Animated videos: this is how they are created

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There are numerous tools that can be used to create online cartoons: a wide range of solutions that help create perfect multimedia content

The realization of animated videos it is very useful in marketing because it helps customers, and the target in general, to know and understand the characteristics, functions and advantages of a service or product. On the web there are many applications and many tools that allow you to achieve this goal without too much effort: Animatron, Doratoon, Canva and Animoto are some of the names worth noting in your diary if you need to create animated explanatory videos. Corporate animation services, in many cases, prove to be very useful for increasing engagement and multiplying sales.

Animatron: how it works and why choose it

To create animated videos you can rely, for example, on ad Animatron, which allows you to use real subjects and comics. This tool offers the possibility to work with clips and images, but also with animated characters. Everyone who registers with Animatron can take advantage of a library that includes approximately half a million pieces of content between foto, audio e video clip royalty free. There are also 200 pre-animated sets that you can assemble via drag & drop. Animatron offers the possibility to collaborate with other users, and is a perfect content marketing tool for videos for web marketing, but also for school.

The other proposals

Rawshorts, on the other hand, allows you to obtain animated videos from text; it is a tool available both in the free version and in the paid version, obviously equipped with a greater number of functions. Within seconds a clip is drafted using artificial intelligence, starting from the content that is uploaded. After that with l’Animated Video Maker you can add different animated charts. There are free videos and many other options, such as synthesized voice and commercially licensed and common creative animations. Alternatively you can rely on Canva, which is useful for both personal and corporate videos. This tool provides all the templates needed to illustrate all the steps through images. Furthermore subjects and comics are available which can be used for free graphic presentations.

Animaker features

Among the opportunities that deserve to be taken into consideration there is also the one offered by Animaker, which in turn exists in both free and paid modes. If you decide to use the free version, however, the videos will be watermarked. There are numerous options to choose from to animate the drawings: in particular, it is possible to make the characters move, so that they will be able to interact with potential leads. Everything is also available in Italian, and the Animaker app can also be downloaded on both Android and iPhone smartphones. Finally, this tool allows you to start from stock images and clips to create posts that can be shared on landing pages or social networks.


The last tool to report in this review is Lumen5, which allows you to create free animated clips and videos starting from specific templates, also with a view to sharing them on social networks. Lumen5, among other things, allows you to go and retrieve texts from online content: it is sufficient, for example, to take the permalink of a blog post and paste it into the dedicated editing section. The text at that point can really be pasted wherever you want.

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