Apple: here is the cloth to clean the devices you have always wanted

Apple: ecco il panno per pulire i device che avete sempre desiderato thumbnail

Apple just launched a cloth to clean all its products. Ultra-thin and very light this cloth costs 25 euro and is made with soft and non-abrasive material. The polishing cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass, safely and effectively. All very nice, except that this strip of fabric resembles in all respects those that the company has always supplied with its devices.

Apple throws the cleaning cloth

Apple users were already annoyed by the announcement of the new ones MacBook, with prices too high even for enthusiasts and with the design provided with Notch by many criticized when they saw the announcement of this cloth, presented as “the most powerful cloth ever made“. If this doesn’t make you laugh enough, wait until you know the price, well 25 euro: just a little excessive, especially considering that we are faced with a flap of fabric quite similar to those supplied by Apple.

Impossible not to think that it is simply a way for the company to further capitalize on the sales, starting to distribute separately something that has always been included in the (high) price of the devices. It is no coincidence that users have literally gone mad. In fact, on Twitter there are many posts of disappointment, which highlight how this is the “triumph of capitalism”.

To snatch a further smile, if amused or desperate we leave it to you to choose, there is the list of devices with which this cloth would be “compatible”. According to the company in fact this microfiber fabric would be compatible with devices from the first generation SE model onwards, that is, only those who can install iOS 15.

The same principle also applies to iPads: with the cloth it is possible to clean only those that can install iPadOS 15. It is not clear what problems we can run into if we try to use the cloth on older devices: we recommend trying only the most daring .