Trust: performance and budget in three gaming products

Introduced two new keyboards and a super-performing entry level mouse. The new Trust products will illuminate the most intense gaming sessions of any young gaming talent

To face the autumn season more loaded than ever and ready to make the most of the hottest video games of the moment, Trust, a leading company in the digital accessories sector, has enriched its portfolio of gaming proposals with two new keyboards and a mid-range mouse. The Mazz mechanical keyboard, the Odyss semi-mechanical keyboard and the Ybar mouse will be excellent allies for those looking for excellent technical performance at an affordable price.

Trust: performance and budget in three gaming products

Mechanical keyboard Trust GXT 863 MAZZ

Convenient, versatile and daring: to face long gaming sessions in the company of the right tools, Trust presents the GXT 863 Mazz mechanical keyboard, the queen of games. Equipped with Outemu RED fast mechanical switches, reactive and able to resist 50 million characters, this keyboard is ready to withstand even the most intense gaming sessions. With a minimum actuation force of 50G (60G max) and an actuation point of only 2mm (4mm of total displacement), the keyboard registers the command even before you notice you are pressing the keys.

Trust: performance and budget in three gaming products

With the Mazz keyboard, the password is “personalization”: thanks to the backlit background and the 14 different lighting modes and adjustable brightness, Mazz is ready to satisfy the tastes of every player. By setting your favorite combination of lights, challenging your opponents will be even easier and more exciting, thanks also to the support of integrated multimedia keys and quick mechanical switches.

Finally, Mazz incorporates the N-key rollover technology, anti-ghosting solution which records the pressure of each key and prevents any command from being unheard. Furthermore, by activating the gaming mode, Mazz deactivates the Windows key, so as not to accidentally interrupt the game session: all that remains is to concentrate and defeat your game opponents.

Semi-mechanical keyboard Trust GXT 881 ODYSS

For those who approach the world of gaming and want to start equipping themselves with specific and technically more performing tools, Trust offers the semi-mechanical keyboard GXT 881 Odyss. Odyss incorporates all the advantages of mechanical and membrane keyboards, while limiting their disadvantages. Thanks to its combined technologies, Odyss is able to offer players everything they need to give their best on the pitch: from tecnologia anti-ghosting, to LED lights, to irresistible mechanical sensations.

The semi-mechanical switches of the Trust Odyss keyboard offer gamers a wonderful feel. With its sensitive keys, the GXT 811 is perfect for those who want instant feedback during gaming sessions. Furthermore, thanks to the technology used, Odyss is able to guarantee the effectiveness of the anti-ghosting solution up to 19 keys pressed. Finally, Odyss is equipped with 10 direct access keys and 12 multifunction keys to offer complete control of multimedia tools. Even with Odyss during the game it is possible to deactivate the function of the Windows key, preventing the start screen from reappearing inadvertently: control is in your hands at any time!

Mouse gaming Trust GXT 922W YBAR

The GXT 922W Ybar mouse is the perfect gaming companion, ready to be guided by any aspiring pro-player in all sessions. The integrated optical sensor offers a resolution adjustable from 200 to 7200 DPI, while full RGB LED lighting makes any game even more impressive. Thanks to the presence of smooth low friction bearings, Ybar will be smoother than ever on any surface; Furthermore, the 2.1m braided cable offers great freedom of movement while playing.

Ybar is equipped with 6 sensitive buttons, including 2 operated with the thumb, for an even firmer grip and greater responsiveness while playing. In addition, the textured sides allow for an optimal grip, for a smooth and fast game. Finally, the advanced software dedicated to Ybar allows you to program the mouse specifically for various operations. You can adjust the six buttons, the profiles, the macros and even the light effects (from the rainbow wave to the iridescent RGB effect), for a completely personalized gaming experience to match your gaming station.

Availability and prices

All products are available in Italy at the best physical and online retailers and on Trust’s Amazon webshop: the YBAR gaming mouse at the price of 24,99 euro, the ODYSS semi-mechanical keyboard for the price of 39,99 euro and the MAZZ mechanical keyboard for the price of 49,99 euro. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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