Apple iOS 16 auto integration is approaching

Apple con iOS 16 vuole entrare direttamente nelle auto thumbnail

Apple has never managed to break into the world of cars, but with the arrival of the new iOS 16 operating system, perhaps things are about to change. Long suspected of preparing an autonomous vehicle, Apple has remained fairly discreet on its mobility plans. This notwithstanding its direct rival Google is amassing millions of miles through its subsidiary Waymo.

However, Apple is tied to cars by its CarPlay system which, remember, is a duplication of the iPhone screen on a vehicle’s infotainment display. This allows you to find the main functions of the phone such as messages, calls, music or navigation.

But even then, Apple is behind its Silicon Valley competitor, which has a second car operating system, namely Android Automotive OS.. This natively integrated system is Volvo or Renault’s choice for their latest models. With this technology, Google manages both multimedia but also the personalized display of the instrumentation. Something that should exactly enable the new iOS 16.

Apple iOS in the cars of tomorrow?

Unlike the current CarPlay which only acts as a “mirror” between your smartphone and car display, iOS 16 is designed to be a complete display system that replaces both the central screen and the driving instruments. This is obviously the big news, which would finally allow Apple to compete with Google in this field. And perhaps it is not too late since the producers who have entrusted the keys to their visual part to Google are still few.

Despite all the hinge remains CarPlay, that is, it will always be necessary to connect an iPhone to benefit from this complete and customizable environment consisting of widgets. The smartphone will therefore play an important role as it will collect the driving data to transcribe it safely. And to get there, Apple obviously had to partner with manufacturers. The first cars that will benefit from this integration will be launched in 2023 according to the Cupertino company. P.orsche, Audi, Renault, Honda, Volvo or even Ford would already be partners.

Many believe Apple CarPlay with iOS 16 is an indicator that the Californian giant is aiming for more than just a dashboard display. A new car? Nothing, of course, indicates this. But see a 100% Apple instrumentation with tachometer, speed display and other driving parameters suggests that the “apple” affects the automotive market.

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