Apple: iPhone 14, HomePod and a ‘flood’ of products in the fall

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This autumn, Apple wants to ‘overwhelm us’ in products. According to reports from the Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurmanbeyond iPhone 14 from September onwards Apple will present a new HomePodthree versions of Apple Watchdifferent models of iPad and more. And she is already preparing a Mixed reality headset with M2 chip.

Apple, from iPhone 14 to HomePod, a ‘flood’ of products on the way

Earlier this month, Apple held its Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (here all the announcements). Lots of software announcements on all Apple operating systems, but also the official debut of the new gM2 chip eneration. And according to Apple analyst Mark Gurman, this sets the stage for one ‘flooding’ of devices before the end of the year.

According to the analyst, there are no doubt on the way four iPhone 14 models: in addition to the standard there will be the Max, Pro and Pro Max version. They will also debut three variants of Apple Watch, in addition to the 8 series we should also see a rugged version and an economic (SE) version. Between the end of this year and the beginning of 2023 they should debut ‘different’ iPads and Macs, with M2 and also M chips3. But there is also room for the smart home, with a new one HomePod and an improved version of Apple TV. Not to mention the absolute novelty: a mixed reality headsetoperated by an M2 chip with 16GB of RAM.

The news coming to iPhone 14 and Apple Watch

According to Gurman, the new iOS 16 lock screen heralds the arrival of an important innovation for the next generation of iPhone: the display always-on. In this way you can see widgets with the weather, calendar, activities or news and trend in the stock market.

We should also see an improved front camera on the Pro models, with an additional 48MP main sensor on the back of the smartphone. The Pro models (codenamed D73 and D74) should also have the new ones A16 chip and a redesigned notch pill-shaped.

iPhone 14 camera

While the non-Pro models (D27 and D28) will have the same A15 as the iPhone 13. Although instead of the mini model we should see a 6.7-inch Max version. All models will still use LIghtning charging, while from 2023 we should see USB-C charging.

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Along with the announcement of the iPhone, we should see the arrival of a new lineup of smartwatches. Apple Watch Series 8 will also have one rugged version for extreme sports, while a new one SE series it will also allow those who want to spend less to have a smartwatch up to it.

The 8 series is expected to have the same specifications as the 7, but with a new processor. The SE model should have the same screen size, but with a S8 processor instead of the current S5. The new software for physical activity tracking should shine on this new line.

Apple Watch Series 8

The new iPad and Mac

According to Gurman’s report, there are also many news for iPad. Starting with an iPad with A14 and 5G chip, which should have USB-C and a cheaper price than the rest of the line. We will also have to see between the end of the year and the beginning of 2023 a new iPad model with 11 and 12.9 inch diagonals (codenamed J617 and J620), all able to use Center Stage.

In the next two years Gurman thinks we will be able to see aeven an iPad between 14 and 15 inches, that can maximize productivity with Center Stage.

iPadOS 16

The new M2 chip will also arrive on several Macs, which will natively use macOS Ventura. According to the analyst, we can expect:

  • and Mac mini con chip M2
  • Mac mini with M2Pro
  • the arrival of M2 Pro and Max sui MacBook Pro dat 14 and 16 inches, respectively
  • the debut of Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip e M2 Extreme, the most powerful chip ever created by Apple

Apple is also already working on an M3 chip, which we could see in a 15-inch MacBook Air and a new iMac (and possibly a 12-inch laptop) in 2023.

Apple ready to launch a new HomePod and Apple TV (and new AirPods too)

The new Apple TV (code J255) should have an extra GB of RAM and support for an A14 chipcompared to the A12 of the one launched in 2021. This should enable the new gaming features of tvOS 16.

The new HomePod (B620) it should have a S8 chips like the new Apple Watch that the Mela will launch this fall. It should also have a display at the top, with multi-touch functionality.

homepod e homepod mini apple

Also we should see the new ones AirPods Prowhich will replace the old model with high quality audio support.

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The new Apple viewer for mixed reality

Gurman also confirms that Apple would be almost ready for the launch of the own viewer for mixed realitywhich would use the sUnpublished operating system RealityOS. It should use an M2 chip, with 16GB of RAM to run everything without support for connected iPhones or Macs.

But the viewer should integrate perfectly with the rest of the ecosystem, so much so that there are already hints of its arrival in the code of iOS 16 upcoming macOS.

apple xr viewer january 2023

In short, after the summer break, the Apple wants to return with a bang. Apple will announce a flood of news, from the iPhone 14 to the new HomePod, demonstrating that it wants to create a truly complete ecosystem for its users. We will keep you updated on upcoming news.

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