Apple is already thinking about the M3 chip, with 3-nanometer technology

Apple pensa già al chip M3, con tecnologia a 3 nanometri thumbnail

TSMC is preparing technology with 3-nanometer process for 2022 and it seems that Apple will be among the first to use them for i chip M3. After having positively surprised everyone with the first generation of homemade processors, Apple is already thinking about the future. Apple’s 3-nanometer chips should arrive in 2023, in the first three months.

Apple M3 will have a 3 nanometer process

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reports that TSMC is already carrying out the first production tests on its 3-nanometer processes. The line known as the N3 it could therefore arrive at the end of 2022, and then increase production the following year. With Apple e Intel which should arrive on the market with the first chips already in the first months of 2023.

The next generation of Macs and MacBooks, arriving next year, should use a processes instead 4 nanometers. This processor should arrive on the new one MacBook Air. However, at the moment we don’t know if Apple is also thinking about a Max version of the chip, as seen on the most recent MacBook.

Analysts also think the new TSMC 3-nanometer process can arrive not only in the M3 chips that give computing power to Macs and MacBooks. In fact, it could become fundamental for the A17 chip in iPhone 15.

At the moment, information on the Apple M3 chip is scarce. Some analysts think Apple may get to have as far as 40 cores in its CPU, four times those seen in the M1 Pro and Max. Projections perhaps extreme, but that could make sense in computers like the Mac Pro.

More information will arrive in the coming months, we will keep you updated.