Attenzione ai fondali marini: il nuovo aggiornamento di King of Seas è arrivato thumbnail

Beware of the seabed: the new update of King of Seas is here

Team17 and 3DClouds recently announced the arrival ofMonsters free update for the pirate-themed action RPG King of Seas, which debuted in May on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Get ready for incredible encounters with dangerous underwater creatures that you will have to defeat to become the King of the high seas.

Let’s find out all the details together: below you will find the official launch trailer update.

King of Seas Free Update: Beware of Monsters

The new free Monsters update includes additional missions e new and exciting encounters with strange creatures for players to embark on an epic journey through procedurally generated open seas, they work hard to clean up their name and engage in strategic fighting at the center of the world to become the true kings of the high seas.

The Monsters update also introduces several new missions in play which, once activated, they will summon mythical sea creatures including a Basilisk, a Abyssal Fish, a Cursed golem it’s a Kraken against which players will be able to fight and plunder.

Among other new features, the new update also offers players the following features:

  • Guardian sharks and crabs that defend treasure and ship wrecks;
  • Friendly encounters with whales and killer whales in the open sea;
  • Changed requirements for some missions, making them easier to complete;
  • PC mouse support so players can navigate menus, shoot cannons, and move the camera with their mouse;
  • Incredible quality of life improvements to make the King of the Seas experience more unique than ever.

We remind you that the title is available for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Finally, if you want to receive more update information and King of Seas, you can consult the official website.

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