Apple is already working on the 2nd generation iPad with OLED display

Apple sposterà la produzione degli iPad fuori dalla Cina thumbnail

Apple would already be working with its suppliers for the second generation OLED display for iPad. The confirmation comes from a report of these hours which underlines how Samsung Display is the main candidate to become the supplier of the next generation of tablets with OLED displays arriving at the end of 2024. Here are all the details on Apple’s strategies related to the development of the iPad range.

Apple will expand the range of iPads with OLED displays

Apple has now started the transition phase for the iPad range and the MacBook range towards solutions with OLED displays. Over the next few years, in fact, this technology will take over, becoming a reference for the Apple range.

The first generation of iPad with OLED display will use panels from LG Display and Samsung Display which will provide panels Gen 6 OLED. The acesecond generation of iPad with OLED displayinstead, it will switch to Gen 8.5 of this technology, recording a further step forward.

According to preliminary information, the first generation is expected to debut in the course of 2024 while the second will arrive in the course of 2025. Apple, therefore, plans to completely revolutionize the tablet range within 2-3 years by focusing heavily on the OLED. The launch timing was confirmed by a report from The Elec. More details will come in the coming weeks.

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