New CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

Nuove sedie gaming CORSAIR TC200

The CORSAIR company today presented its new CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

CORSAIR (NASDAQ:CRSR) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance computing components and technology products for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts. CORSAIR offers a complete ecosystem of compatible products to allow everyone, from casual gamers to dedicated professionals, to always give their best. For more information on the company click here.

The company today announced the launch of two new chair models that complement the current product offering. The gaming chair CORSAIR TC200 in fabric and the gaming chair CORSAIR TC200. Each chair boasts a racing-inspired design and features a large seat and extended height adjustment range. Ideal elements to allow people of any height or weight to sit comfortably or completely relax during any type of activity. Available in colors black or whiteCORSAIR TC200 chairs will be the ideal complement to any workstation.

New CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

Details of the new CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

The TC200 fabric and TC200 eco-leather models provide long-lasting support and comfort while gaming, working or relaxing. The TC200 fabric chair has a comfortable external upholstery, characterized by a soft and breathable surface. Instead, the TC200 faux leather chair boasts an elegant faux leather upholstery, for a look with clean and refined lines. Both models feature perforated sections that ensure maximum breathability. Thus they favor an ideal heat dissipation even in the hottest moments of the competition, thus keeping all the supporting surfaces cool. The lumbar support in foam integrated into the backrest and the soft removable cervical cushion in memory foam they are designed to help you maintain correct posture, so you can play for hours in maximum comfort.

Both versions of the TC200 fabric and TC200 eco-leather models are made with high-quality components that make them the ideal chairs for virtually any user. The powerful class 4 gas lifting system with steel structure allows you to raise and lower the seat using an extended range of 120 mm. I 4D fully adjustable armrests they can be moved up or down, left or right, forward or back, or tilted in or out to help you find your ideal position. If you want to take a break, enjoy maximum comfort thanks to the fully reclining seat from 90 to 180 degrees. While, thanks to the double 75mm wheels of superior quality, equipped with a sturdy base in powder-coated steel, you will be able to move easily in every room of the house.

New CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

Availability, warranty and prices

The CORSAIR TC200 Fabric and TC200 Faux Leather Gaming Chairs can be purchased immediately from the CORSAIR online store and through CORSAIR’s network of authorized CORSAIR resellers and distributors worldwide. The CORSAIR TC200 fabric and TC200 faux leather gaming chairs are covered by one two year warranty and are backed by CORSAIR customer service and technical support available around the world. For up-to-date pricing on the TC200 Fabric and TC200 Faux Leather Gaming Chairs, please visit the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representatives.

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New CORSAIR TC200 gaming chairs

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