Apple is close to 3,000 billion in stock market value

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As reported by Ansa, Apple saw the rise value of its shares on the stock exchange by 35% since January 2023, reaching a market capitalization of nearly $3 trillion. This is a milestone never achieved by any other company in the world.

Record value on the stock market for Apple

The Cupertino company had already touched this record figure at the beginning of 2022, but had never managed to maintain this level at the close of Wall Street.

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Meanwhile, news from a few days ago is that Apple has banned its employees from using ChatGPT and other AI-based chatbots at work. The company is concerned about what happened with Samsung, where several employees used ChatGPT for work and inadvertently led to a leak of sensitive data.

Samsung has solved the problem by banning third-party chatbots and developing its own version of the AI ​​using internal servers. Apple, on the other hand, has been much stricter in banning the technology.

It is currently unclear whether Cupertino will develop its own AI in the future. Is it really Siri to receive the integration?

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