Xbox presenta nuove iniziative per una maggiore accessibilità nel gaming thumbnail

Xbox is committed to greater accessibility in gaming

In occasione del Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Xbox announces new initiatives to promote greater accessibility in the field of video games. The aim is to make gaming more inclusive and fun for the 427 million gamers with disabilities around the world.

The goal of Xbox, specifically, is to break down the barriers that 66% of gamers encounter in terms of accessibility during gaming sessions, offering new features and settings on PC, console and cloud.

Xbox for accessibility in the world of gaming: all the initiatives

Among the news announced we point out

  • Expanded accessibility support pageswhere gamers can discover over 150 accessibility-enhancing features, from settings to controls available on both PC and consoles.
  • New accessibility settings on the Xbox PC app, which allow players to disable background images and animations, to avoid visuals that might cause noise, confusion, or irritation.
  • New update for the Microsoft Store on, which gives users the ability to filter and search for games based on their accessibility needs and preferences, including by supported language, with over 17 different options.

The Game Society exhibition: between visual art, video games and accessibility

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Among the novelties of this summer, the collaboration with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) of Korea, where until September it will be possible to visit the “Game Society” exhibition. It is an exhibition of contemporary visual artworks that explore imagination and realism in video games, showing how they can be a form of artistic and cultural expression. The exhibition will also include the installation ofAdaptive Controller Xbox, the device that allows disabled players to personalize their way of playing.

Moving to Holland, however, Xbox announces the collaboration with Paul Van Der Made, a disabled player, and with the HiPerks Foundation. The result is a new series of videos chronicling the positive impact the Adaptive Controller has had on the lives of Paul and other disabled gamers. The videos are available on the TikTok, Instagram and Twitter channels of Xbox Netherlands.

Finally, last but not least, Xbox has confirmed the partnership with Special Olympics, the organization that promotes sport among people with disabilities. Xbox and Special Olympics will be present at the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, where athletes from all over the world will compete. For the occasion, in June, Xbox e Humanelectronics are hosting an event in Berlin’s Athlete Lounge where athletes and Unified partners will be able to experience the different accessibility features Xbox offers and connect with other attendees through online play.

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