Apple is dissatisfied with iOS 15 installations

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The most recent data regarding the installation of iOS 15 does not seem to particularly satisfy Apple. From what we know, only 63% of all iPhones in circulation uses the latest version of the operating system released by the Cupertino company. An estimate that rises to 72% if we consider the iPhone models launched on the market in the last four years. Which means that just 26% of users are still using iOS 14, while 2% are even using an even older version of iOS. Data that does not seem to make Apple satisfied. Let’s try to understand why.

iOS 15: Apple is dissatisfied with user installations

As anticipated, just over 60% of Apple users have chosen to install iOS 15 on their iPhone. A fact that is almost comforting compared to what concerns the tablet: iPadOS 15in fact, it was only installed on 49% of iPads in circulation. 37% of Apple devices, in fact, still remained on iOS 14. And 14% even on previous versions. A fact that does not surprise us too much, if we consider that the iPad is a device that is used less frequently than the smartphone, so it is quite normal for users to decide not to update the operating system.

Yet, if we look back at the iPhone sector, it is undeniable that there has been a slowdown in the adoption of the new iOS by users. Compared to the previous versions, iOS 15 seems to have been less successful among those who own an Apple smartphone. Precisely for this reason, it would seem that the Cupertino company is working on a strategy that allows to bring the operating system to a much larger number of devices. A few months ago, for example, security updates on iOS 14 were discontinued, which means that users are forced to update their device if they care about their privacy. What do you think? Are you among those who have updated iOS?