Continental UltraContact the summer tire suitable for everyone

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With the start of the year, Continental is already thinking of motorists who will have to change their summer tires by proposing the UltraContact. Marked ‘A-label’ for its safety in the wet, it is ideal for individuals and fleets and also suitable for use with electric vehicles and conventional-drive cars. It is designed for drivers looking for more sustainable mobility and is mainly aimed at markets where seasonal tires are not common, mainly those in southern Europe.

Continental states that UltraContact is manufactured for wheels between 14 and 20 inches, in widths between 155 and 245 millimeters, with cross sections between 80% and 40%. Depending on the size, the approvals are between 190 and 300 km / h and various versions with higher load capacities are available. The first 100 dimensions will be available in the first quarter of 2022.

The new UltraContact seeks buyers on the market by offering features that are of prime importance to a tire. So, as guaranteed by the German house, UltraContact it is designed to have a long life, sturdiness and low noise. The European label certifies these characteristics: maximum level “A” for braking distances, therefore for safety, level “B” (second out of five) for rolling resistance. Classification “A” or “B” – according to the measure – for the emission of noise.

Continental UltraContact, here are the main technical features

The characteristics described above are reflected in some measures that Continental has developed for the new UltraContact. Indeed many of the measures available they have a rubber edge to protect the rim, which helps protect the lower flank area. The reduced braking distance in the wet is achieved thanks to the high number of oblique sipes to the chamfered profile. The combination of these two features ensures that the water flows from the contact surface towards the tread grooves and then towards the shoulders. An absolute novelty is the angle of these blades (denominate “bevel-sipe”) which allows you to accelerate the removal of water, thus optimizing braking distances in the wet.

To minimize rolling noise, which is normal when the tire comes into contact with the road, Continental has inserted into the tread grooves of the small elements in relief which have the task of “breaking” the generated sound wave.

The first 100 sizes of the UltraContact summer tire will go on sale from spring 2022.

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