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Apple isn’t working on a new HomePod mini

Apple has released a new HomePod only a few days ago, but according to the latest rumors, he would have decided not to develop a renewal of the mini version – at least for now.

Apple would not be working on a new HomePod mini

The first HomePod mini, launched in 2020, was designed as the “basic” version of the Apple smart speaker, to bring the Siri voice in users’ homes for less than the full-size HomePod. Apple will continue to update the mini version with software updates, but it appears that it is not currently investing in a hardware update.

As he explains Mark Gurman in its Power On newsletter, “Following the debut of a new full-sized HomePod, many users started asking about an update to the mini model. But at this point, I don’t think Apple is actively working on such a product. The ultimate HomePod it doesn’t include any major new features that aren’t already on the $99 miniso there is no obvious reason to update the model.“

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According to Gurman, however, we could see some software and even aesthetic innovations. “Sure, it would be nice to have more colors, a cheaper price, and better sound and mics, but the real improvements probably need to be made on the backend, with Siri and app integration“.

In addition, in recent weeks we have received information about several other products that Apple is developing for the smart home. There is talk of a smart display simile a un iPad. As well as a product that you combine Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime in one design. However, these products are only in development: we will not see them this year, in all likelihood.

Apple therefore would not have given up on the smart home, indeed it seems to believe in it even more – especially with the integration of Matter into its ecosystem. But there aren’t enough new additions to the HomePod mini to justify it development of a new productat least for now.

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