Apple: keyboard and Mac in a single hardware, here is the patent

Apple: ecco il brevetto della tastiera contente un intero Mac thumbnail

Do you remember the mac mini? It seems that Apple plans to make it even more compact in the near future, as it has just filed a very special patent. According to what can be seen in the document, in fact, it would be a Mac totally contained within a keyboard, not much thicker than the classic Apple Magic Keyboard.

Apple: here is the patent of the Mac keyboard

The idea of ​​Apple on balance is nothing new, as it is clearly a reference to 80s computer, like the Commodore 64, the Atari ST, MSX, or the Apple II, just to name a few. Going back to the patent in question, this one is extremely detailed, and even shows how to reduce the temperature of the device to make it work in any situation without incurring a overheating.

Note, as you may have already guessed by looking at the project, that this Mac keyboard does not come complete with a screen, and this, according to what Apple writes, for a very specific reason: in fact, the device was born as a portable hardware able to offer a desktop experience in every possible situation, which is why it can be installed wherever there is a working monitor.

It should also be noted that in some designs, the device includes a trackpad “Paired” to the case, while in others the device is foldable and the keyboard area includes a “accessory display”Showing the graphics, or the keyboard itself is virtually displayed by a projector contained within the case. In any case it is certainly a bizarre device to say the least.

As with any other patent filed, this technology is unlikely to be used in the short term, if at all, but it offers an interesting look at how Apple is considering Mac designs that could eventually replace or be offered alongside the Mac. mini.