Masquerade Carnival with Pikmin Bloom

Carnevale in maschera con Pikmin Bloom thumbnail

Get ready to celebrate Carnivalthe most playful and fun time of the year, in the company of di Pikmin Bloom Of Niantic. Are you curious to know more? Let’s find out all the details together.

Celebrate Carnival with Pikmin Bloom

Carnival it is the most playful and fun time of the year and, with it, the first warm sunny days begin to return, which make us want to leave the house and take a walk in nature. Pikmin Bloomthe smartphone application designed by Niantic Inc. in collaboration with Nintendo, it has a lot of amazing news in store for users. The application wants to keep the users company even in these days of celebration, step by step, in the rediscovery of the pleasure of spending some time outdoors after a cold and long winter.

And they are precisely the Pikmin to inspire fans to create cute costumes for a perfect disguise. That’s right, because for them it is Carnival all year round. When the level of friendship with these little creatures will reach 4 hearts it will be possible to see them wearing a adorable costumewhich takes inspiration from specific shops or natural elements that are nearby, as you can see from the images above.

Whether it’s to dress up as baguette, popcorn or to wear a shaped headdress cap of toothpaste or hair elastic, these little friends are always ready to amaze and have fun.

The streets of our cities are therefore ready to be covered with one trail of flower petals and, for the occasion, also by confetti, streamers e original disguises. All that remains is to take part in the Carnival celebrations, starting to play with Pikmin Bloom. For more information on these adorable little guys, you can check out the official website.