Apple launches an App to improve Siri

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Just earlier this month, Apple launched on the App Store “Siri Speech Study“, An application that allows users to share requests and feedback about the famous AI with the company. Apparently, the App is available in many world markets, but without ever appearing in the ranking of the Store or in the category “Utilities” to which it belongs. According to Sensor Tower, however, the application was launched on August 9, and then updated on the 18th. And it is currently available in Canada, United States, Germany, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Taiwan. Although it is difficult to view within the App Store. Let’s find out more about it then.

Siri Speech Study, the App that collects feedback on Apple’s AI

According to reports from Apple itself, “Siri Speech Study” is an application used exclusively for improve the Siri proposal, offering users who join the program to share feedback with the company. This means that Apple itself invites people to the study, and not the other way around. And this well explains why it is so difficult to find the application within the App Store. On the other hand, the mechanism was designed so that the company could collect useful data on its AI, without however interfering with the privacy of its users. And with “Siri Speech Study” people can finally provide specific feedback on demand.

For example, if Siri misunderstood a question, users could better explain what she wanted to ask the voice assistant. Or a user could alert the company if the feature was activated without saying “Hey, Siri”. But this is not a spontaneous sharing of the user, mind you. The application provides a series of requests from Apple about Siri, and users choose which topic to give their feedback on. But the application does not collect any sensitive user data, precisely because it was designed to respect their privacy.

Apparently, Apple has realized that having a voice assistant that can understand users is a major market advantage. Precisely for this reason the company has asked the support of the Google AI expert Samy Bengio to help make Siri a stronger rival by Google Assistant. In this sense, we understand why Apple has decided to start a program to further improve its AI. Let’s wait to see what news it will bring us then.

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