Apple: DIY repair arrives, here's how it works thumbnail

Apple launches DIY repairs in the United States

Apple: DIY repair arrives, here's how it works thumbnail

Apple has announced that it has officially launched the DIY iPhone Repair Program, which will allow users to iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE third generation to carry out certain repairs at home without necessarily having to bring their phone for service. The service is currently active in the United States.

Apple launches DIY iPhone repair

Apple explained that Apple repair manuals, parts and tools will be available in a new counter repair dedicated to these do-it-yourself repairs. In the shop in question, customers will have access to over 200 individual parts and tools. Initially, the store will include tools only for the ‌iPhone 12‌ and ‌iPhone 13‌ and third generation ‌iPhone SE‌ lines, but will expand with more components later this year.

To perform a repair, customers should first consult the specific manual dedicated to their product. After that, they will be able to order the necessary parts and tools from the repair shop and start the job. All tools and parts offered in the store undergo extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety and reliability, according to Apple.

The program is part of Apple’s efforts to further expand access to repairs, although the company has specified that the best option remains to go to a professional. Over the past three years, Apple has expanded its repair network to include more than 3,000 independent repair service providers and more than 5,000 authorized service providers worldwide.

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