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Apple launches SOS Emergency via satellite for iPhone 14

With the new ones iPhone 14Apple introduce il SOS Emergency service via satellite. A function that allows you to send a message or your location to your loved ones or to help if you are in an area not covered by the cellular network.

Apple launches SOS Emergency via satellite for the iPhone 14

Apple’s new service only works in a few specific cases: when you don’t have the ability to connect to a WiFi or cellular network. In this case, you can connect to the satellite network, which also covers areas otherwise impossible to reach.

Apple explained that with dedicated components and software solutions could create this service, which connects you to satellites in the sky. So it works fast when you have an uninterrupted view of the sky, while in the middle of the tree leaves it may take a few minutes to connect.

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With the dedicated app you can send text messages. And to make sure that the rescuers know what to do, Apple has thought of a questionnaire that collects all the useful information to give to the rescuers. The message will then become three times smaller in size thanks to dedicated algorithmsthe. If you are in an area where emergency services receive messages, they will arrive directly, otherwise the text will be directed to an Apple specialized center for help.

The app also serves to effectively point the smartphone to satellites and ensure connection. Times range from 15 seconds in clear sky up to a few minutes if there are leaves or other obstructions.

There is also integration with Tdiscover my iPhonand, to send your location to friends and family if you are in a camping or hiking area.

Apple explained that anyone who has an iPhone 14 will be able to use the service free of charge for two years. We don’t know how much it will cost then. At the moment the service will only arrive in the USA e in Canada but it seems that it will soon arrive elsewhere. If you are traveling to America, you can use the service.

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