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Ford E-Transit Custom: electric and connected commercial vehicles

LONDON – On the day of September 8th Ford presented in London E-Transit Customa great revolution in the world of ford commercial vehicles, 100% electric and connected. It’s about a version 2.0 of the most popular van in Europe used by small and medium-sized businesses which finally meets the latest technologies and electrification of cars for greater efficiency, versatility and respect for the environment.

Jim Farley, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, ha commented on the novelty: “Ford Pro and E-Transit Custom are redefining the functions of a commercial vehicle, allowing workers and companies to enter a new digital era. We have listened to our customers’ advice for over 50 years and this synergy has helped make the Transit Custom the most popular commercial vehicle in Europe. E-Transit Custom was conceived and designed to meet their needs: a Transit for the new era, but ready as always to get your hands dirty when there is work to be done ”.

Let’s find out what Ford’s new E-Transit Custom has in store for us!

Ford’s E-Transit Custom arrives

Inspired by the experiences and business analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises, E-Transit Custom offers customers innovative solutions based on cloud connectivity and digital technologies. The vehicle, for example, can continually evolve through Ford Power-Up software updates which are carried out throughout the entire life cycle by extending its functionality.

The technology of new generation batteries allows aautonomy expected of 380 kmmore than four times the average daily mileage of the driver of a one-ton van and a capacity of fast charging of 125 kW. The E-Transit Custom’s 400-volt, 74-kWh battery pack uses advanced 82 Ah cells to deliver 12% more energy capacity than the E-Transit. Customers can choose between the power of the motor from 100 kW or 160 kW (135hp or 217hp) according to your needs, with a torque of 415Nm. The drive motor is mounted directly on the rear floor of the vehicle, eliminating the need for a dedicated subframe, and is rotated 90 degrees to maximize cargo space and reduce weight and complexity.

Digital innovation combines with an uncompromising load capacity of up to 1,100 kg, load volumes from 5.8 to 9.0 m3, a lower load floor for easy access, a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 kg and a maximum loading length of 3,450 mm. The loading floor has been lowered compared to the previous version, to facilitate loading and access to the cabin. D-Ford engineers studied the upholstery, materials, safety and weight to create an architecture that integrates the battery in the loading surface above the sill flange, eliminating the need to create separate impact structures. To top it all off, the independent rear suspension and class-leading engine power help offer customers a new level of driving experience.

“A smartphone on 4 wheels”

Ford E Transit Custom

As anticipated, one of the main innovations of this new vehicle concerns the smart and tech functions designed to improve the customer experience and consequently efficiency. To maximize productivity during the working day, in fact, E-Transit Custom offers new digital solutions for multi-drop deliveries and access to the cabin and cargo area. The cabin now becomes a real one corporate hub, with 5G connectivity and a flexible workspace which includes intelligent functions such as a steering wheel that folds down to become an ergonomic support to support laptops and tablets or to take a lunch break as it should be.

More than 30 electronic modules board are able to receive Ford Power-Up updates and thereby improve vehicle performance, provide quality upgrades, update existing features and add new functions. Most updates complete in less than two minutes and can be scheduled during downtime. In addition, Ford insures one eight-year, 160,000-kilometer warranty covers all high voltage components.

E-Transit Custom is also the first electric vehicle to use the technology of steam injection heat pump to heat and cool the passenger compartment, standard on all models. This new system has been designed to ensure better energy efficiency and optimal driving range. The vehicle is also equipped with an energy efficient braking system with the possibility of driving in One-Pedal mode. The system combines friction braking with regenerative braking which collects energy during deceleration to recharge the battery and gain additional driving range.

Mobile Office, digital key and much more

Ford E Transit Custom 1

At the heart of this great little Ford revolution is not the car, performance or profit but the customer. Il Design lab D-Ford has in fact created a veicolo human-centred born from the direct collaboration of customers who actively participated in the choice of the most effective solutions to the most common problems. Among the novelties we find:

  • Mobile Office” pack (optional), offers a new tilting steering wheel that is able to transform into an ergonomic support for tablets and laptops and a horizontal table, to make writing and lunch breaks more comfortable. The package also includes LED lighting to shed light on the steering wheel area, an additional light point in the roof and a secure storage for documents and devices
  • Delivery Assist, helps simplify each delivery by automating certain steps in the process to save time and improve safety. Drivers can make up to 200 stops and deliver 500 items per day. In addition, E-Transit Custom automatically turns on the hazard lights, closes the open windows and locks the door when the driver leaves the van. Upon return, the driver can enter and start the vehicle without keys
  • Digital KeySpeaking of keys, the Digital Key has been designed to simplify complex key management and works just like a hotel key. Operators can remotely assign and monitor keys instead of spending time and money duplicating, managing and replacing keys
  • Pro Power OnboardJust like on the E-Transit the Pro Power Onboard is available to deliver up to 2.3 kW through outlets in the driver’s cabin and cargo area to power equipment, lights and devices using the vehicle’s high voltage battery while driving or when stationary
  • SecuriAlert by FordPass Prothe system sends a notification if it detects an attempt to access the vehicle and allows the user to lock or unlock the doors remotely

The other technologies of E-Transit Custom’s standard driver assistance systems are: Pre-Collision Assist, il Lane-Keeping System, il Driver Alert, il Cruise Control con Adjustable Speed Limiter, il Traffic Sign Recognition, l’Intelligent Speed Assist, il Wrong Way Alert, parking sensors front and rear and one 360 ° camera to have a complete view of what surrounds the vehicle.

Price and availability

Currently, no official news has been released regarding the pricing and availability of the new Ford E-Transit Custom. Further information will be distributed at the Ford Pro press conference at Hall 13 of the AA Transportation Show in Hanover, Germany on September 19.

The word to the experts

During the presentation event held in London, which TechPrincess had the pleasure of attending, Ford experts and managers had their say on the new Tranist.

Hans Schep, general manager of Ford Pro Europe, said: “It’s hard to keep up with the Transit Custom – it’s the best-selling van in Europe and last year it was the best-selling vehicle in the UK. With the new generation of E-Transit Custom, the Blue Oval takes a huge step forward for its customers. E-Transit Custom’s new design, unparalleled connected ecosystem and innovative customer customer experiences will be able to redefine our customers’ productivity in the electric and connected age. “

Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro, instead commented: “With the Ford Pro digital ecosystem, E-Transit Custom offers a truly revolutionary proposition to European van customers. Valued at $ 786 billion, these companies are a vital contribution to the European economy 5 and E-Transit Custom will give them the productivity boost they need as they initiate the transition to electric vehicles. “

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