Apple: Macs won’t have Face ID until 2023, according to a rumor

Apple: i Mac non avranno Face ID fino al 2023, stando ad un rumor thumbnail

According to a rumor that emerged a few hours ago, Apple has no plans to implement Face ID technology in its Macs in the near future. To spread this rumor was Mark Gurman, a well-known insider who had already expressed himself on this issue during the past months.

Face ID will not arrive on Apple Macs: Mark Gurman speaks

Gurman earlier this year had released a news that he wanted Apple intending to publish the Face ID feature on its Mac line in 2021, but during the past few hours the leaker has turned around. According to what Gurman shared, the plans of the Cupertino company have been delayed for at least a couple of years. This means that Apple users will not see this feature before 2023.

As MacRumors reports, Gurman wrote in his newsletter: “It won’t happen this year, but I bet Face ID on Mac will arrive within a couple of years. I expect all iPhones and iPads to switch to Face ID within that timeframe as well ”.

Obviously, this is just what Gurman thinks, and as with any speculation it should be treated with some caution. What seems certain, however, is that Face ID won’t be coming to Macs anytime soon. This news could upset several users, given the user base of Apple, it has already shown several times very interested in the Face ID function, since it allows a much more agile workflow than normal.

Gurman says Apple would incorporate Face ID technology into the recently leaked 24-inch iMac, but the inclusion of facial recognition has been postponed for a future update. Qhis delay is likely due to the difficulty in including Face ID on the aforementioned Macs, as their screens are thinner than phones and tablets, which makes it more problematic to insert the necessary sensors.