Apple: Magic Keyboard is available in two new colors

Apple: ecco le nuove colorazioni di Magic Keyboard thumbnail

Besides Mac Studio e Studio DisplayApple today launched new versions of Magic Keyboard with brand new color options currently available for purchase on a standalone basis. Let’s take a closer look at these new incarnations of the iconic apple keyboard.

Magic Keyboard: Apple launches black and silver colors

The Magic Keyboard con Touch ID e numeric keypad is now available with black keys, while the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse they are both available with a black multi-touch surface. The accessories themselves are identical to the slightly redesigned versions introduced with the 24-inch iMac last year, but feature a black colourway with a cable Lightning always black.

The new black and silver color options complete the design of the new ‌Mac Studio‌ e Studio Display. Neither the ‌Mac Studio‌ nor the Studio Display comes with peripherals, so users who want an Apple keyboard, trackpad or mouse will need to purchase them separately.

Apple Studio Display Magic Trackpad Keyboard Mouse

As of today, the black and silver peripherals were only available with the Mac Pro and were not available for purchase separately. TheMac Pro‌ it still seems to have black and silver peripherals with the old design. The Magic Keyboard with ‌Touch ID‌ and numeric keypad is available for € 185, the Magic Trackpad is available for € 155 and the Magic Mouse is available for € 85 and are all available to order starting today with shipping within one business day .